Bestillife drawing sessions is an initiative made by the two LA based artists Kristin Cammermeier and Anna Breininger. They set up beautiful still lifes and invited people to draw together. During the covid 19 shut down they kept on hosting these sessions through the online video platform zoom every Sunday. 10.05.2020 studio 1/2 co-hosted one of these live drawing sessions together with bestillife through zoom. There were around 30-40 participants from all over the world and Sigrid Espelien, Arely Amaut and Kristin Cammermeier had a conversation about art practice, clay and geology while everyone was drawing. The still life was made with clay and ceramics from Oslo, plants and debris from moving into a new studio. 

The still life from Oslo, Studio 1/2

One of the drawings from participant from Los Angeles

Another drawing from participant from Los Angeles

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